• The price of the apartments depends on the number of days you want to stay. The price is written in your booking form. You have to be ready to pay upon arrival.

  • Arrival at the airport or the railway station - we can meet you at the airport or the station if you know exactly and have informed us in advance about your arrival time. A person from the agency holds up a sign with your name printed in large letters and you can easily recognize our agent. Our driver stays outside and waits for the guest even if there is a considerable delay of the flight, so don't worry if you arrive late. There are people who will meet you in any case!
    18 Euro

  • Late check in – after 9.00 p.m.
    10 Euro

  • Change of linen and towels and cleaning of the apartments is done once in every three days. It would be better if you inform us in advance (the previous day) about the most convenient time for you when the cleaning could be done, so in this way you won't be bothered.

  • Departure
    We would like to know in advance the exact time of your departure so that to be able to arrange your transport back to the airport or the railway station. Please, bear in mind that you have to be at Sofia's airport 2 hours before your flight. There are taxi cars outside the buildings so you can use them too.
    18 Euro

  • Restaurants and shops
    We will show you exactly where you can have dinner, where to go to a disco or pub, where to play bingo, etc., everything which interests you and is according to your personal preference.

  • Visa
    The Republic of Bulgaria requires no visas for the citizens of a number of countries in the world (for trips lasting less than 30 days and mainly for the countries from Western Europe and the USA). But every tourist is advised to obtain preliminary information in this respect because some kinds of visas require longer time for processing and issuing. A foreign citizen may enter Bulgaria only if he possesses a valid document for travelling abroad. (A passport is enough in most cases).
NOTE: The apartments are not offered to large companies who want to make parties there. The apartments are in residence areas and the neighbours require piece and quietness.